Introduction to Hapi Js

Why Hapi Js?

Key features of Hapi js

  1. Hapi is the only leading node framework without any external code dependencies.
  2. The most comprehensive authorisation and authentication API is available.
  3. Extensive set of plugins to avoid use of middlewares.
  4. Along with protecting server load with payload limits and request timeouts, hapi blocks error messages that could leak information or echo back exploits.
  5. Hapi is also the only framework that doesn’t rely on outside dependencies.
  6. Hapi has extensive support for template rendering, including the ability to load and leverage multiple templating engines, partials, helpers (functions used in templates to manipulate data), and layouts.
  7. Hapi includes the ability to test routes without having to actually start a server, completely avoiding the time overheads and added complexity of the TCP protocol.



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